The MLB Foundation provides Grants to assist in funding the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and education. If you are involved with or aware of a noble cause that meets the mission of the Making Life Better Foundation, please use the Grant Application below to submit a request for support.

    Making Life Better Foundation Grant Application

    Section One: Overview

    Please provide an overview of your proposal, including:

    • - Brief description of the proposal

    • - Purpose and key anticipated outcomes

    • - Individuals or communities served

    • - Amount of funding requested

    • - Overview of how funds will be spent

    • - Timeline

    Section Two: Organization information

    Please provide your organization mission statement.

    Tell us about your current programs and activities.

    Please provide your IRS EIN or tax-exempt number.

    Section Three: Proposal details

    Please describe the problem or need which you seek to solve.

    Please describe the purpose and objectives of your proposal.

    Please provide details regarding the design and strategy of your proposal.

    Please provide an overview of your proposed timeline.

    Please provide your proposed budget.

    Please describe your plan for sustainability of the project or initiative after the grant award has been exhausted.

    Section Four: Contact information


    Email address

    Phone number


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